We are a furniture and design business based in Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly Love and a city of neighborhoods. However, it is also a city of ideas.

Some of the best ideas of history have emanated from this town -- electricity, freedom of speech, innovations in design and art by the likes of Louis Kahn, Frank Furness, Mary Cassatt, and John Coltrane. At the foundation of those great ideas is the preeminent notion of the acceptance of differences in lifestyles, which was also formulated here in Philadelphia. It's the basis for the great livability of this city, and the reason it is home to a large and diverse population. It's this confluence of so many ways of thinking and doing, as well as its progressive intellectual drive, that excites and inspires us.

If Philadelphia is "a city of neighborhoods,” as we like to think of ourselves, then we are also "a city of neighbors". The city's scope and density are reasons why Philly is rated one of the most walkable major cities in the United States. And it's this great walkability that makes passing on and receiving ideas among neighbors a way of life, thus centralizing the incubation of great ideas within our locale. It's what we've always done and will always to do.

As this historical, East Coast city surges forward in new directions, memories of its industrial past and of its identity as the "Workshop of the World" are rekindled, inspiring us to reclaim forgotten neighborhoods and the buildings within them, and bring fresh, new life to them once again. It's this notion of 'revitalization' that informs Cella Luxuria's vision of 'sustainability'.

We look forward to meeting you at either our Chestnut Street or South Street stores, and to providing you a great furniture and accessory shopping experience.


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Tues-Sat: 10-7
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Tues-Sat: 10-7
Sun-Mon: 11-6


We have a 22,000 square foot flagship brick-and-mortar store, located in the vibrant Midtown Village District of Center City Philadelphia. The east wing features 10,000 square feet of classic, transitional, and modern upholstery designs, contemporary designs made in reclaimed materials - such as wood and cast iron - and organic mattresses. We also feature space-saving solutions for modern city living, with designs compact in size, but big on style.

Set in a magnificent historic building, the west wing of our flagship store in Center City Philadelphia offers some of the world’s finest luxury brands of contemporary and modern furniture, accessories, mattresses and bedding. You will find impeccably-tailored upholstery in fabric and leather, exquisite comfort, enduring construction, and designs that are iconic, forward-thinking, and timeless. The custom options at Cella Luxuria / Domus are limitless. You’ll enjoy working with our staff of talented designers in bringing your home décor imaginings to life.